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15th March 2007 statement


Salute to the International Conference "With the Resistance, for a just peace in  Middle East", Chianciano Terme 24th-25th March 2007


All the people today fighting or supporting the struggle against US and Zionist imperialists and against their Italian and other accomplices and servants, in Iraq,  Afghanistan, Palestine, Somalia, Lebanon and elsewhere, give an inestimable contribute to the cause of oppressed classes and popular masses of our country and of all imperialist countries, USA included.


The defeat of troops sent by imperialist bourgeoisie's governments for attacking and occupying those countries will weaken the whole imperialist bourgeoisie and so will help the cause of popular masses' emancipation in the imperialist countries. The interests of Italian popular masses are antagonists to those of imperialist bourgeoisie and Vatican: the more they are free, the less are free the workers and other popular masses of our country. The victory of the troops they sent and send to attack and occupy oppressed countries, from Afghanistan to Lebanon, would strenghten them and increase their arrogance against Italian popular masses. Their troops' defeat will strengthen the Italian popular masses.

The military defeat was the beginning of the end of Fascism and Nazism. So it will be for US imperialism and its servants and partners, as Vatican and Italian imperialist groups are.

The imperialist bourgeoisie, headed by US imperialist groups, has plunged the entire humanity in a new extermination war, a war that is open in some countries and undeclared in others. Every year, millions of children and elderly, women and men of the popular masses are victims of this war: no place on earth is sheltered. The planet itself is polluted and upset for imperialist bourgeoisie's profit and because of its antiquated social order.

The popular masses of all countries are interested in imperialist bourgeoisie's military defeat. The US imperialist groups are the first enemies of American popular masses. The Zionists are the first enemies of Hebrew popular masses. The Vatican and the Italian imperialist groups are the first enemies of Italian popular masses. Therefore, the Arabian and Muslim people's heroic resistance to aggression and occupation may find and will find allies and supporters everywhere in the world.

On one side, in these years, driven by the crisis of their social system, the imperialists groups have tried to eliminate the conquests of civilization and welfare the popular masses wrung from them in the first part of the latest century. On the other side, in alliance and competion at the same time, they have exploited and plundered the oppressed and ex - socialist countries, and  have attacked and occupied them when the authorities were not satisfying their plans. The two sides of this program are strictly tied. The resistance the oppressed countries' peoples oppose to plunder, aggression and devastation weakens the imperialist bourgeoisie, and so helps the popular masses of the imperialist countries. The defence of conquests and the struggle for establish socialism in imperialist countries weakens the imperialist bourgeoisie and so helps the oppressed peoples. The popular masses of imperialist countries and the people oppressed by imperialist groups have the same enemy. In order to carry out the war against oppressed countries, the imperialist groups need to involve in that war at least a great part of popular masses in imperialist countries, and drive the others to silence and resignation.

The solidarity with the forces and personalities resisting to aggression and occupation in oppressed countries proceeds at the same pace with the struggle against US and NATO bases, against the High Speed Trains (TAV), the destruction of environment, the precarious work, for higher pensions and salaries, against the theft of severance pay, the privatisation of education and health services, against the imperialist bourgeoisie's common program, for preventing the Centre Left government from doing what the government of Berlusconi's gang did not succeed to do.

This solidarity by Italian popular masses proceeds at the same pace with the defence of their interests and their struggle for establishing a higher social order. This is the solid ground on which we can and want built the unity of struggle between Italian popular masses and the oppressed peoples attacked and occupied by imperialists.

We can win. Certainly, the struggle will be hard and long, but, persisting in it, our victory is sure. In this struggle there is room for everybody who struggles sincerely. We have to gather and bring out the value of everybody's contribution, no matter how great or little it is, and making the most advanced people and organizations show by its successes and victories that they deserve to be imitated by everybody wants to win.

On the grounds of these conceptions we wish full success to the Conference and exhort all  new Italian Communist Party's followers and sympathizers to contribute to its success.

Solidarity with the oppressed peoples resisting to imperialist aggression in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Somalia!

Solidarity with the revolutionary popular war advancing in Nepal, Philippines, Turkey, Peru and other countries!

The popular masses' mobilization is the decisive weapon to prevent the bourgeoisie from realizing with Centre Left circus of Prodi what it did not succeed to do with Berlusconi's gang.